Our Schedule

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This is what a typical day looks like for us.  Sometimes cranky babies, visitors, field trips, or other things can force us to make adjustments.

Schedule change effective September 8, 2015:

NEW Schedule Changes effective September 8, 2015!  (Last one didn’t include lunch! I do feed your kids!  Ha, ha!)

6:30 AM             Early Breakfast for School-age kids

8:30 AM             Breakfast/Clean-up

9:00 AM             Mother Goose Time Preschool

10:30 AM             Free Play/Outside Weather permitting

11:30 AM             Block Play/Clean-up

12:00 PM            Lunch

12:30 PM            Naptime

2:30 PM             Free Play

3:30 PM            Afternoon Snack

4:00 PM             Free Play


****I work with the infants to try to get them to sleep during preschool but that doesn't always happen.  If they are awake during preschool they will join us by sitting in a high chair or the excersaucer.   Infant feeding and sleep times will vary.

****I am required by the food program to serve meals at designated times otherwise I don't get paid.  So please have your child here by mealtime.  Otherwise, you'll have to feed them at home.